Executive Director

Albert Melena joined San Fernando Valley Partnership with the vision and drive to improve upon our Non-Profit Organization, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.



Program Director

Sandy Logan is a Certified Prevention Specialist that works closely with communities to develop comprehensive strategies that build capacity and address the root cause of community drug problems.  Sandy has been leading local efforts to address prescription drug abuse/misuse by establishing a broad base of community support that includes law enforcement, pharmacies, pharmacy students, convenience stores, schools, medical professionals and community-based organizations to develop public education campaigns, increase the number of safe disposal sites and other innovative prevention efforts to address opioids.Currently, Sandy is working with high school coaches, physical therapists and other medical professionals to develop a Sports Clinic Program that will help our local coaches decrease the likelihood of sports related injuries and better understand the dangers of prescription drugs.



Prevention Coordinator

Rosalyn Son, a graduate of California State University, Northridge, is a former San Fernando Valley Partnership Youth Organization member that has been actively involved with the organization since 1997.   As one of the founding members of the Partnership’s Ch.I.C.A.S Program and a driving force for the Annual Youth Summits, Rosalyn continues to the support the development of innovative programs and strategies that lead to long lasting change.



Neighborhood Specialist

Bart Trevino born and raised in the San Fernando Valley is a certified Substance Abuse Counselor graduate from the University of Southern California (UCLA) Addiction Studies Program, working in the field of environmental prevention helping communities work together to prevent the negative outcomes of substance abuse in their community. He has been working for the past 27 yrs. In the field of substance abuse, and he thanks God for giving him this work, seeing lives changed and people working hard to make our communities a safe and healthy place for youth and their families to thrive! 



Prevention Specialist

In establishing the Colectivo Program, Betty has managed to engage on a personal level with the community that she serves. Her relational approach to education has allowed her to share with entire families certain correlations that relate to poverty, drug and alcohol use. Her belief is that " knowledge " is the first step to a healthy life. Serving her community is a lifestyle, it is common for Betty to be seen in homeless encampments North East San Fernando Valley handing out meals and sharing resources. She strives for every homeless camp to have Naloxone and be trained in how to use it, possibly saving lives. 



Prevention Specialist

Tomas Robles is a native of Sylmar, located in the East San Fernando Valley, and has dedicated much of his work to serve low income communities of color as an academic advisor and a mentor. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and has focused much of his research on “The War on Drugs” and its impact on low income communities of color. He is currently focusing on the unintended consequences of Proposition 64 on school campuses and how restorative
justice practices, along with a social norm’s initiative can work in conjunction to minimize the effects on our local schools.



Neighborhood Specialist



Neighborhood Specialist

Patricia Lazaro is an educator who has spent her life teaching various age groups and exploring learning processes and family dynamics. With a background in family counseling and administration, Patricia has always had a passion for family education. Her interest in researching child development and effective parenting began with her own three children, who she feels were her best teachers. This passion led to the founding of Club 5, a dual-language pre-school based in Colorado, led and directed by Patricia. Additionally, Patricia has been primarily engaged in supporting the Latino community in Los Angeles for over 20 years through various non-profit organizations. If her years of experience have taught her anything, it is that cultivating a thriving community begins in the home